Monday, December 15, 2008

Liz Claman, Gretchen Carlson And Alisyn Camerota caps/pictures

Liz Claman caps/pictures @ Fox and Friends.

Monday: Gretchen Carlson caps/pictures @ Fox and Friends.
We'll post more great Monday caps soon...

Here's you favorite GRAY DRESS, remember this dress and the cowboy hat?
Looking great again. Please post your comments if you want to see more caps.

Gretchen Carlson in leather again last Friday:

Great Friday caps. Post your comments.

Weekend: Alisyn Camerota caps/pictures @ Fox and Friends.

Post your comments on who else you want us to post on this blog.

We'll post more caps soon.

ABC News, NBC News, CNN News and CBS News. Do they have ladies like in Fox News?
Does anybody like to see caps/pictures of shopping network ladies from HSN, QVC, or ShopNBC?

Don't forget to post your comments for your favorite news reporters and favorite caps this week.

THANKS to all who post their comments.

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