Thursday, October 16, 2008

Megyn Kelly and Gretchen Carlson of Fox News.

Here are Megyn Kelly's caps/pictures.

Is Megyn Kelly of Fox News in AskMen top 99 most desirable women?


Here are the caps of Gretchen Carlson after the Fox and Friends show.

We'll post the rest of the caps below SOON...

CNN, NBC News, ABC News, CBS News and FOX News which one you watch the most?.

Don't forget to post your comment on your favorite caps.

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  1. Great uddates. You dont miss a thing. I thought I saw a quick upskirt when she was going to lie down and you caught it. Too bad camera was in the way. You also caught the nice clevage today

    You rule

  2. ANy caps of Gretchen on Friday. She was not in the after the show show, so I did not get to see her.

  3. No Gretchen updates in a few days. This is my favorite blog since yo have the same appreciation of Mistres Gretchen as someone else called her. I need a Gretchen fix

  4. I apologize to Gretchen's fans for this comment but putting Gretchen next to Megyn only makes me think of one phrase, Beauty and the Beast. No doubt about it Gretchen is a very well endowed lady. I simply can't stand her. This is only one mans opinion. To each his own and I do respect your opinions.

  5. What is the big deal with Gretchen? I cannot believe she was Miss America...must have been a bad year. There are many other way more attractive women on FOX than Gretchen.

  6. Gretchen needs to be fired. If I hear her say one more time "have you heard this?" or "listen to this" I think I'll scream. I no longer watch Friends. I try. I keep checking back hoping she's gone, not just on vacation ... but for GOOD! Fox needs to wise up.